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Nocturne a poem by Eugene O Neill

The sunset gun booms out in hollow roar 
Night breathes upon the waters of the bay 
The river lies, a symphony in grey, 
Melting in shadow on the further shore. 

A sullen coal barge tugs its anchor chain 
A shadow sinister, with one faint light 
Flickering wanly in the dim twilight, 
It lies upon the harbor like a stain. 

Silence. Then through the stillness rings 
The fretful echo of a seagull's scream, 
As if one cried who sees within a dream 
Deep rooted sorrow in the heart of things. 

The cry that Sorrow knows and would complain 
And impotently struggle to express -- 
Some secret shame, some hidden bitterness -- 
Yet evermore must sing the same refrain. 

Silence once more. The air seems in a swoon 
Beneath the heavens' thousand opening eyes 
While from the far horizon's edge arise 
The first faint silvery tresses of the moon. 


Nocturne a poem by Eugene O Neill


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