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A Wonderful Sting a poem by David P. Leverett

A Wonderful Sting
David P Leverett

This feeling is like a wonderful sting.
I want this feeling to hold me captive.
I wouldn't give this up, not even for all four seasons to be spring.
It doesn't need to be masked as attractive,
This unstable beautiful pain is mine, its what I want, what I need!
My happiness continually gains,
This is great. Something this good cannot be greed!
I'm glad to leave them, I found a better lain.
This I intend to keep.
No one else can have it, its mine!
Its mine when I'm awake, its mine when I'm asleep!
What's going on. This feeling is no longer a straight line.
I'm trapped in this bind, I no longer feel fine,
and now, I'm alone without a sign. 


A Wonderful Sting a poem by David P Leverett


A poem can paint a thousand images in your mind's eye. This little known poem was suggested for inclusion on this site by Edward Elum, English Dept at Melbourne University. This poem is said to be written by David Leverett (1888-1927). He apparently killed himself after his lover left him for being over protective, he wrote this sonnet shortly before his death. Use the text from this famous romantic poem for a romantic birthday surprise - a perfect addition for romantic birthday cards. 

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